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Since June 21, 2011 the island of Santa Lemusa is no more in the Caribbean, but on 44 ° N / 33 ° W in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These pages are about how this could  happen?

The media on Santa Lemusa agree that the postponement of the island is due to the «exorbitant failure of the political authorities» («Leko»). They suspect «Corruption in the highest circles» («Gazette de Port-Louis») and expect «hardly foreseeable consequences for the future of the island"(ANAT).

But when have things begun, to develop unfavorably? Was it when agent Hektor Maille prevented an assassination attempt on the President of Senegal in Dakar? Or only when he got lost in the ruins of Angkor Watt? Why did it not help anything that the agent managed with perfection 12 heracleic works in Australia? And why did not even trip to Cape Horn leed to the needed answers? Questions over questions – perhaps the right moment, to trust in the magical power of an oyster fork.



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Mission Kaki - Introduction

Physicist Jenadi Koslow is kidnapped, the island of Santa Lemusa is blackmailed by gangster Dr Hing and his malicious henchmen. The Secret Service sends its crack secret agent to track down and rescue the scientist: Hektor Maille. That is the beginning of a adventerous hunt over the half globe, from Senegals coast trough the Kreml in Moscow onto the Chinese Wall, from the dark waters of a Swedish forrest-lake trough the ray-market of Mokpo into the shining desert of Sharjah. After a while only Hektor Maill learns that much more depends on the success of «Mission Kaki» than merely the well-being of the kidnapped professor.

«Mission Kaki» was commissioned by the cultural internet platform Xcult for the project «beam me up» (more about on www.beam-me.net).

«Mission Kaki» has been published in 20 episodes from November 2008 through July 2011.

All texts of «Mission Kaki» are translated from German by Gunvanthi Balaram.

«Mission Kaki» ist ein Projekt von HOIO