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Gewürze aus Santa Lemusa


Not all methods to hunt the Patagonian wild rabbit are equally successful.

Conejo Patagónico

Rabbit Stewed in it's Own Juice

The special thing about this recipe is, that the rabbits meat is not fried but stewed in its own juice with spices. Who has invented this recipe is not known – Hektor Maille found it on piece of paper in the kitchen of a dwelling in Puerto Williams. It's not clear either if it originally should be prepared with the darker meat of the wild rabbit abundant in Tierra del Fuego. We have cooked it with the whiter meat of common house rabbits.

Following the recipe this rabbit should be prepared with Canelo (the fruits of Drimys winteri), that grows all over the forests of Patagonia. Outside the southern tip of America Canelo is hard to find. That's why we have replaced it by Tasmanian Pepper having a similar taste. Who can't find Tasmanian pepper neither, might triple the amount of black pepper (what does not exactly lead to the same results though).

Ingredients for 4 persons

1 rabbit of about 1.2 to 1.5 kg, ready for being cooked, chopped in about 8 pieces

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 big piece of green celery, in small pieces (about 100 gm)

1 or 2 cartots, in very small pieces (about 100 gm)

4 pods garlic, peeled

2 teaspoons Tasmanian pepper

2 teaspoons black pepper

2 stalks rosemary

2 tomatoes, peeled and chopped

2 dl white wine, dry

1 pinch of salt

1 dl strong chicken broth

3 to 5 tablespoons hot mustard (e.g. from Dijon)


  1. Mix the rabbit pieces with olive oil, carrots, celery and garlic in a heavy pot. Put on a lid and put over a very low fire.
  2. Cook for two hours. Stir from time to time and always put the lid on again very quickly. During this time the meat should release quite some liquid.
    The success of this cooking method depends on the characteristics of the pot and the fireplace. With a pot, that is really tight, and with a truly low flame, the recipe can be easily done.
  3. After two hours remove the lid, add Tasmanian pepper, black pepper, rosemary and tomatoes, stir well and continue to cook on slightly higher flame, allowing the liquid to evaporate. Stir from time to time.
  4. When the liquid has mostly evaporated, mix well together white wine, salt, chicken broth with mustard and add this to the meat. Allow to cook for at least 15 more minutes unless the gravy has a slightly thickened.


As many stews this rabbit can be easily prepared in advance. Just add a few tablespoons of water, put on a lid and allow warming up over a low flame unless the heat has penetrated the rabbit's meat.

The «Conejo Patagónico» goes specially well with boiled potatoes.
HOIO's menu-test for Episode 13 of «Mission Kaki», September 8, 2010 in Zurich (f.l.t.r.): Caroline Kesser, Claudia Jolles and Werner Egli.
HOIO's menu-test for Episode 13 of «Mission Kaki», September 17, 2010 in Basel (f.l.t.r.): Gunvanthi Balaram, who translates all episodes into English, Heinz Heer, Christoph van den Berg and Monika Studer.

More about the travel adventure of Secret Agent Hektor Maille:

In a hut in Puerto Williams, the last settlement on the American continent, Hektor Maille prepared a menu following recipes he found in his rustic dwelling - two things that simply did not jell with each other:

First Publication: 30-9-2010

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