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Main Characters

In order of their appearance

Hektor MailleThe best man of the lemusan Secret Service. He is assigned the task of finding professor Koslow and liberating him from the clutches of Dr Hing. The job is bringing him allover the world.

Odette SissayThe cook of Hektor Maille and, as such, cause of culinary fantasies. Later she becomes a sort of adviser to the lemusan intelligence and a friend of Marie.

Marie SoussentThe slightly excentric first secretary of the «department» – a centre of two legs that knows everything. She is proud of her beautiful belly – Maille as well can not tear his gaze away from it.

Maximilien MercierChief of Deuxième Bureau, the lemusan Secret Service – nicknamed Maxi-M by his employees. An egocentric autocrat with a fine feel for the weaknesses and failings of his opponents.

Dr HingDr Hing is of Brazilian and Chinese lineage. He is the head of a worldwide criminal organisation, that has kidnapped Professor Koslow and is blackmailing the state of Santa Lemusa.

Samson GodetPresident of Santa Lemusa since 2008. It seems that he has received from his lover a recipe, Dr Hing absolutely wants to get hold of: tomato sauce with broccoli. 

Professor Jenadi G. KoslowPhysicist of Russian origins, leading scientist of the Operation de Rectification Météorologique (ORM). Gets kidnapped by Hing and brought all over the world.

Oskar SeugremMaster butcher of Rue Thasard in Port-Louis. Doctor in ancient Latin with a philosophical tendency. From there common time in school one of Maille's very best friends.

Agent RoffThe «department's» man in Dakar, a pesky Rasta with many disguises. With some indications he helps Hektor Maille to find the traces of Professor Koslow in the surroundings of Dakar.

KyuriThe martial arts teacher of Hektor Maille.

Ruslan RachmaninowChef and joint proprietor of high-class restaurant «Abramowich» in Moscow – met and got to know Maille in Paris. He helps the secret agent to solve the riddle of the tiny note from Dakar.

Anna SchukowaRussian, was previously assistant to Professor Koslow on Santa Lemusa. Specialist in quantum forms within interlocked (clasped) systems. Currently resides in Moscow.

Zhang Xiao GingAn agent with «Buro 106», a division of the Chinese Secret Service that specialises in technological espionage, is definitely interested in the research of Professor Koslow.

The man from the Chinese WallOn the Great Wall, Hektor Maille delivers a battle with this man, from which it is later said, that he is Aral, a V-man in the troupes of Dr Hing.

Tatjana KoslowProfessor Koslow's illegitimate daughter and sole living relative. A brilliant physicist, educated at the most different universities and provided with the latest inputs by her father.

Mister LeeA Kimchi-Producer from Korea – friend of Tatjana Koslow, the doughter of the kidnapped professor. Maille travels to Korea in search of him and Tatjana – with a certain success.

EnigmaThe female agent of the lemusan secret service in the United Arab Emirates – a specialist in the art of camouflage. Maille came very close to the lady – without being able to identify her.

Jelena JanssonProf Koslow's remarkably taciturn assistant is of both Swedish and Russian descent. She relocates to Bangkok in the fear that she will otherwise face serious problems.

AralThe V-man of the Secret Service in the troupes of Dr Hing. His signs lead Maille back and forth across the planet. His identity is not entirely clear - according to Mercier he is the Man from the Chinese Wall.

The unknownDoes he really belong to the main characters? At Lago Argentino Maille meets a man who seems to play a important role. But when he approaches, the other disappears.

Love H KiriIn the Congo Hektor Maill notices that his stay is turning curiously into an illustration of the «Congo ABC» by Love H Kiri – a special kind of travel reporter from Santa Lemusa.