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Grosse Projekte


Gewürze aus Santa Lemusa


The title of this production incorporates the name of the refreshing beverage that made these episodes possible in the first place. The bottle containing the drink looks a bit like a bottle post – an art of communication, too.

Episoda – Introduction

Far removed from world history it may be, but the fictitious island of Santa Lemusa lives its own little reality. Its inhabitants, too, want to create a picture of this planet for themselves – and, in doing so, wish to depend not on foreign perspectives but on trustworthy Lemusan eyes. Since 2011 reporter Peter Polter has been journeying through this planet and periodically sending his «Episoda» back home to Santa Lemusa.

Cinematic Postcards

The «Episoda» are basically cinematic or filmic postcards, the principle of which is that they contain no cuts and, as a rule, go without no additional dubbing – they are windows that open for just a few seconds or a few minutes. The intrinsic claim or value of these pictures is that they are a compact version of what Peter Polter finds beautiful or fascinating in a particular place at a particular point in time. Sometimes the process of compacting takes place of its own accord, at other times it requires the physical presence of the reporter. «Episoda» is part of the programs telecast by Anat 3, the German-language TV channel of Santa Lemusa. The films are telecast at different times between the varying program-blocks of Anat 3. The telecast is sponsored by the firm, «Herzog Getränke» (Palmheim), manufacturer since 1966 of the island’s most beloved beverage, «Episoda». 

With the permission of Anat 3, Peter Polter’s films have been uploaded after their original telecast onto the HOIO website and have, as such, resulted in forming a kind of archive. 

Texts and Recipes

On the HOIO site these cinematic postcards are generally accompanied by a short text by Peter Polter. These texts are not a commentary on the films, rather, they are an attempt to uniquely capture something of the place and of the moment. We have also used the circumstances to take advantage of the fact that Peter Polter is a passionate cook and an indefatigable researcher of culinary matters. In each «Episoda» we have worked in close collaboration with him on a recipe from the region in question in order to bring a whiff of its aroma into the kitchen of the TV viewer.  

Miniatures and Further Texts

On occasion Peter Polter feels a great sense of animation when he carries out little experiments with the camera alongside the main filming of these postcards. We have opted to call the reporter’s free filmic forms «Miniatures» on this site. These «Miniatures» sometimes last for just a few seconds, at other times they are a few minutes long. At times they offer brief explanations, at others they are merely a wink of the eye.

About his special journeys Peter Polter writes further texts (brief observations, short essays or reports). Some appear in the travel and tourism pages of «Leko», others in the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», where he writes under the pseudonym «Samuel Herzog». We have chosen to include such texts, too, on this site, and sometimes illustrated them in pictures. Since late 2011 we have included here even the gastronomic tips (or warnings) provided in Polter’s clips (most of them are compiled in the recipe section).  

This diversity notwithstanding, «Episoda» is neither a travel guide nor a documentary. On the contrary, it is precisely the subjectivity of the view coupled with the blatant incompleteness of the approach that interests us. Those who seek factual information about the place in question are better off consulting «Wikipedia» or «Lonely Planet». «Episoda» is a declaration of love to the world – and, like every glance of a person in love, it looks simply at what it wishes to see.

First Publication: 30-8-2011

Modifications: 12-9-2011, 22-2-2012, 16-9-2012, 29-6-2013