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HOIO und Cookuk

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Gewürze aus Santa Lemusa


A slight alteration

Sydney (Australia) Cockatoo Island
Military Guardhouse
Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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Could it be that one actually dangles head downwards from the globe in Australia – and one therefore feels somewhat different? Even if the body that has just flown in from Europe has successfully acclimatised to the new day and willingly gone to rest during the new night – there remains, at least for the first few days, that sense of slight alteration or shift. One is 12 hours ahead of one’s homeland – and one feels sometimes as if one had been born half a day earlier. That would cause a bit of confusion, undoubtedly – the trusted «I» that one is used to would seem to be not quite the same; perhaps the «I» would be now the «I» of someone else? The alteration feels as if a curtain has been pulled across one’s existence – a curtain behind which hides the chance of another life, which makes sounds and stirs the fabric into motion now and then. That is both fascinating and unsettling, one feels enriched and at the same time pushed out of one’s own self-evidence, self-perception. No wonder one then feels the need to cling on to something – quite as if one is hanging upside down from a plum that is hurtling through the unimaginable.

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First Publication: 7-4-2014